Smoking the meat is my favourite sport but the NFL football is. Patiently, I have to wait for football season to come in so I can watch the clashing of teams on field with my cup of good strong joe. With the kind of weather right now, I am in a good mood to make Indian Signals among my neighbours and stink up next door neighbour–she is a nice lady who loved my cats and hang out with me a few times to make sure I am doing good. She is just a concerned neighbour because she noticed when I am home, there are incredibly silent, beside cat fighting or wrestling or my grunting, my farting and my yakking, in my home until my family comes in…. She will know when my family is home, she will come and chat up with my wife. Anyway, she is a nice lady.

With smoking the meat and drinking good beer, I am a very happy man. Pretty strange, what I did with the meat, there is a spiritual harmony with the nature that something inspired me: Serenity. Without my wife talking to me, or my kid bother me about little cash for her whatever she want. But I don’t mind my pets got loose outside. Having a meat smoking in the smoker, I always get a good book to read because it will take some hours, it will need my supervision to make sure it doesn’t get burned on one side of meat. According to the timing, I might give a big chunk meat to cook on one side for 45 minutes then flip, and cook for 45. Continuing this until the meat are all cooked or finish the meat in the oven after no more heating from coals.

I put big, big, big pork shoulder, seasoned with salt and pepper along with good cumin powder and garlic powder. I like the simple way to smoke rather than having big big big meat marinate or brine. When the coals get really hot, its temperature said “ideal”–that is what I got from the smoker but I checked how hot it is by feeling it on my hand. Then put the meat on and cover for about 45 minutes, then flip and add the wood chunks ( soaked in water for 30 minutes or so), cover the smoker and wait for nice scents of wood smoke to gag my neighbors. Well, I love to gag my neighbors. It helps me to meet someone new.

Just another thought I am trying to do: “Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity!” by Henry David Thoreau

Seasoned all over the meat and set aside for about 30 minutes or so to allow the flavour get into the meat with help of salt.
Set the smoker up according to the instruction and cook the meat for some hours or until internal temperature registered at 160 or finish in the oven if no more hot coals.